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Live Casino Games Malaysia

Since hundreds of years ago, people have been deeply addicted to gambling activities. Those days, there were no online casino games. In fact, only table and card games were available back then. Hence, live casino games are actually the origin of all kind of gambling activities today. What actually are live casino games? Live casino games are casino games which are performed by live casino dealers, allowing players to place their bets against the house. Nowadays, popular live casino games include Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, and many more. It is different from online slot games, whereby the latter only emerge alongside advancement in technology as well as electronic devices. You could be highly surprised by the variety of games that a single set of poker cards can provide. 

You could probably see a lot of live casino tables in the land-based casinos being surrounded by bunch of casino players. More often, these live casino tables are in charged by sexy and pretty live casino dealers to attract the crown. Of course, who wouldn’t want to bet with elegant ladies? There are certain rules and regulations associated with each live casino game. Players are all bound to these rules and regulations. Also, the payout structure is also pretty much different from one live casino table game to another. Nonetheless, things have changed a lot. Today, nearly more than half of the casino players around the world prefer to bet online. Online live casino games are highly accepted by the market. You must be wondering: how do they actually bet online? Through the use of computers or mobile devices. 

In the late 2000s, online live casino games started to gain attention from casino players in Malaysia. The first live casino products that become the most reputable live casino gaming brand is Playtech. Playtech is the largest online live casino game supplier in the world, which is headquartered in United Kingdom. Its cutting-edge technology in live casino games have quickly become the favourite of most players in Malaysia. Along the years, Playtech has gradually become the most trusted live casino gaming brand locally. Of course, the local casino players do not really recognise Playtech. Instead, they are more aware of the white-labelled products of Playtech, for instances, 12Win, Rollex, NTC33, LPE88, Crown, and LeoCity88. Given intense competition in the local online gambling space, more and more live casino products (other than Playtech) have been launched to tackle the local players. As such, the live casino game industry is Malaysia is considered as one of the most mature online casino market within the South East Asian region.

Live Casino Games Versus Online Slot Games

People are always facing with dilemmas when they want to decide which casino games to play with. Live casino games or online slot games? First of all, you need to figure out the major differences between the two. As we all know, live casino games are viewed as more transparent casino games that are all carried out on fair and just basis. On the other hand, the winning payout of online slot games is typically preset to safeguard the bankers’ interests. How do they arrive at the winning payout algorithms? The higher is the betting turnover, the higher the chances that Jackpots will be paid. The online betting system has already determined the jackpot and free bonus game payout ratio, whereby such rewards will only appear when the bankers have collected sufficient bets as stipulated. It is just the matter of luck whether you can strike the jackpots. Therefore, playing online slot games is totally out of the players’ control. It depends on the betting system whether you can strike the jackpots or not. This is also one of the reasons why people prefer to play live casino games. There are also many betting strategies that would help you to increase the odds of winning during live casino games. 

Playing Live Casino Games on Android & IOS Mobile Phones

It’s all about mobile casino games nowadays. People are spending more time on mobile devices than computers. To cater for the increasing needs of playing live casino games on smartphones, some of the casino game providers have even launched their mobile game applications for live casino games. Most of the live casino products in Malaysia do support Android operating system on mobile devices, while only a few of them support IOS operating system. Nevertheless, live casino products like LPE88, LeoCity88, and Crown can be played on IOS smartphones, only through the use of internet browsers. Their mobile game layout is satisfactory in such a way that graphic and menu are nicely positioned within mobile screen. As such, players are always allowed to enjoy the tip-top game graphic experience during the betting process.