SunCity Casino is Leading the Industry

ClubSunCity (also known as SunCity) is dominating the local multiplayer slot game industry with its exclusive and unique slot game offerings. It is the first of its kind to launch multiplayer slot games in Malaysia. Since then, ClubSunCity has been under the limelights. Today, players not only can play multiplayer slot games at illegal internet cafe, but also on their PC and smartphones at home. This is considered a real game-changing event. It is also another major breakthrough in the Malaysian online casino market this year.

More Fun to Play Wukong in SunCity

Most of the players would have played Wukong before, maybe inside the illegal internet cafe. Some of the people could not even imagine one day they would be able to play this epic slot game on their mobile devices. Now, it is really happening, only in SunCity Casino. With Wukong, you would find slot games even more entertaining than you can ever think of. There are a list of free bonus games available in Wukong. WIth its eye-catching slot game design, players would feel like real betting in the world of Journey to the West. Try to play Wukong now before it is too late!

SunCity APK and IOS Are Available

One of the biggest miracles that ClubSunCity has made is actually putting multiplayer slot games on mobile devices for play. Prior to this, some other casino game products have already offered multiplayer slot games in PC versions. Of course, ClubSunCity also offers PC version as well. But I would say it is even more successful in rolling out its mobile version. Android phone players are allowed to download ClubSunCity APK on their mobile devices to play and win. Besides, iPhone users are also getting the chance to play SunCity slot games at the same time. What more you could expect with such perfect offer?

Other Popular Slot Games in SunCity

Other than Wukong, there are much more high quality slot games in ClubSunCity which are totally beyond your imagination. Some of the famous names include Three Kingdoms, Fong Shen, Laura, King’s Derby, Ocean Kings, and many more. These are the most played slot games nowadays. Unlike other Playtech’s products, these are the games that you can hardly find in other online casino products.